UPDATE 20.3.20 11am – this page will be updated regularly

After our final booking this evening the John Godber Centre will sadly close its doors for at least the next 4 weeks to the public. EXCEPT FOR BLOOD SERVICE SESSIONS WHICH WILL GO AHEAD (25th March).

We will continue to review the government, public health and Church guidelines but at the present time none of us know when this will end and we are taking each day as it comes and will review the situation formally in two weeks.



Our hearts are truly broken and we will miss all our regular groups and meetings, the many celebrations, weddings and socials that were planned during this time and those events who are impacted further in the year by current events.

We’re devastated about the decisions we’ve had to make this week and the position we’ve found ourselves in for our team, our users and our longer term future but equally our hearts break and go out to the many who have had to make tough and sad choices and the long term impact this will have on businesses, groups and individuals.

The loss of time with family and friends at life events, the weekly support and learning at groups and lessons, the skills developed and confidence, passion, achievements, commitment that we see in those who come here are now put on hold and this has truly broken our spirit this week and we have cried for the losses to so many.

We need to all remain kind and remember this isn’t forever and we must be compassionate and sympathetic to the situations others.

We will be open again as soon as we are able to and our regular bookings return.

Our team will be monitoring messages and emails remotely and will be undertaking deep cleans and maintenance tasks whilst we’re quiet. We will also be supporting church opening where possible and catching up on those to do lists.

We recommend email as the best form of communication with a contact number so we can return your call but the voicemail will be checked as often as possible.

Please be patient with us regarding admin we’re a small team and will be working around childcare arrangements as well. We realise there are other bookings coming up who will want to talk to us and we’re encouraged to still be receiving enquiries at this time.

Though our doors may be closed our team are still here and if anyone is in need at anytime please get in touch with us we’re still here for our local community even if we can’t serve you in the normal way we do.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back as soon as possible.


UPDATE 17.3.20 5pm – this page will be updated regularly

From the bottom of our hearts we want to start by saying thank you for the support from our regular users, hirers, volunteers, Church leaders, operating board and our hardworking teams at this difficult time.

Like many we have considered last night’s recommendations from the Government and Public Health England with much thought and consideration alongside, for us, the update received this afternoon from Church of England (we are the Church Hall for St. Mary Magdalene, Hucknall) Over the last 48 hours we have had a large number of business and community cancellations and postponements to hire at the John Godber Centre, many made before and some after last night’s announcement.

Today after many discussions and considerations for the wellbeing of our teams and users the following will now be implemented at the John Godber Centre:

*All social gatherings (community groups, parties, socials and events) will be postponed for the next 4 weeks. We have now spoken to, or advised, all private hire and regular community groups who had not previously made a decision to cancel or postpone, of this. During the next four weeks we are unfortunately unable to host any parties, socials or community social gatherings. This decision has not been taken lightly, and has truly caused some heartache to make. We want to celebrate these life events and occasions with those who have chosen the John Godber Centre as the venue to do so and those who visit us weekly, fortnightly, monthly for their community groups and sessions which we know are an important social outreach to many.

*All Church services and gatherings held in the John Godber Centre have been advised to be put on hold at this time (Bible Studies, Church Next Door, Baptism Prep, Church Bookings, Quiz, Men’s Breakfast, Time for Us, Mothers Union and Church Next Door)
*The monthly Jumble Sale, the Church and Centres largest fundraiser for projects funds, will be cancelled for the next 3 months (April, May, and June) During the next 12 weeks, sadly, the Centre will be unable to accept jumble donations during this time. This is due to the Centres limited storage space and reduced availability of the, much loved and valued, team of jumble volunteers, who sadly won’t be able to continue with this activity during this time.

*The John Godber Centre is not just a social venue, we are also home to a preschool, and a number of dance schools and drama academies who, like schools, remain open. Like us these organisations take their responsibilities seriously and whilst the schools remain open they will continue to be open for their students with enhanced hygiene procedures in place.

However to reduce the risk to all parents are not advised to wait in the John Godber Centre and in some cases have been requested to not enter the settings for the safety of children. The waiting areas in the Centre will not be available during the coming weeks for this reason. We thank all parents for their understanding as the Centre and schools attempt to do their best to reduce the risk for all students and the wider John Godber Centre users network.

*Non-essential meetings are advised to be cancelled but we will be open (unless advised otherwise) for businesses, education groups and training for essential meetings (however provision of refreshment facilities have been reviewed) A number of businesses have made the decision to cancel groups and meetings following last night’s announcements in the interest of their customers wellbeing.

*National Blood Service sessions will go ahead (18th and 25th March) as a much needed and necessary public health need. Where other venues cancel donation sessions, due to their own wellbeing requirements, we have offered to host these cancelled sessions if needed.

*Access to the John Godber Centre toilets is for hirers and their guests/students/visitors only. The venue, as it always has been, is not a public toilet facility. We will always do our best to help those in need but in order to ensure the wellbeing for all we do feel the need to highlight this in the interest of our users and teams wellbeing and safety.

We will review the above formally in two weeks, specifically relating to private hire bookings after the 14th April, however anyone with events after this time who may wish to make changes prior to this review or have any concerns are advised to call and speak to Kim.

The John Godber Centre is home to many community groups, businesses, private hire events, Church groups, and the pre-school. We wish to reiterate that we take seriously the responsibility for the wellbeing of our team and visitors and our team in particular have played a large part in thoughts today alongside our responsibility to ensure the viability of the businesses that work from our venue and our duty of care to all who use the building.

We will post and pin a list of group cancellations to our social media pages (links below this paragraph), but please check with your hirer, leader, teacher, consultant for their individual session updates.

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We are deeply touched by the kindness, generosity and understanding shown to us today as we’ve had to make some difficult and heart-breaking decisions and we were particularly touched by those who offered to continue to support the Centre, understanding the financially challenging and moral position we faced as a registered charity.

To those who made decisions before we completed our own reviews we are grateful for your time and feedback and your own heartfelt decisions.

Our opening times will be altered over the coming weeks and we may close for a period in line with school closures and further advice but where this happens we will still have access to phones and email for enquiries and messages. We are also looking to support the Church of England preference to keep Churches open for all and our team members may move in their workplace, temporarily, to St Mary Magdalene Church, Hucknall, a true asset to Hucknall and its community whilst we have no groups and hirers in the Centre.

We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for the encouraging well wishes and consideration at this challenging time and our thoughts and prayers are with all at this difficult time.


UPDATE 16.3.20 5pm

The welfare of all our user groups, visitors and staff here at The John Godber Centre remains our highest priority. We are continuing to follow Government, Public Health, NHS, and Church of England (as the Church Hall for St. Mary Magdalene, Hucknall) advice and recommendations on Coronavirus and are closely monitoring this developing situation on a daily basis.

The NHS website has a dedicated webpage providing a wealth of information, including symptoms, how Coronavirus is spread, and what you can do to avoid catching or spreading germs.

The UK government also has a dedicated webpage providing further information and guidance on this global outbreak, including advice for those travelling to and from affected areas.

The John Godber Centre is home to a large number of groups with many young, elderly, and vulnerable members along with our dedicated team of staff and volunteers.

Please support us to ensure the wellbeing of all by following any recommendations made about how we can all help to prevent the spread of viruses:

• covering your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze

• putting used tissues in the bin immediately

• washing your hands with soap and water often – (our staff are increasing the monitoring of supplies in the Centre toilets but please contact reception if you notice supplies are low so we can replace)

• trying to avoid close contact with people who are unwell

• if you are showing symptoms please remain at home and follow government recommendations

• If you are worried about any symptoms, please call NHS 111.

We have displayed public health notices at both entrances to the building and are sharing where you can get the latest information and guidance from, regarding the Coronavirus, frequently on our media pages.

The John Godber Centre is a registered charity and we are following updates daily to ensure we are implementing appropriate procedures in line with current guidelines. Our staff have been briefed on their responsibilities and new or increased requirements regarding hygiene to help keep all safe.

At the present time there is no guidance to cancel services or events and we are taking steps to mitigate the risk to those using and working in the building, and sharing public guidance. We have a responsibility to ensure the viability of the charity for our employees, users, and to deliver the services that equally allow our hirers to do the same and support our local community, but also we take seriously the responsibility for the wellbeing of our team and visitors.

If the situation changes, we will notify all affected customers immediately and would encourage all users to ensure we have their most up to date contact details to enable us to notify them quickly. Please check with your teacher, consultant, leader or hirer, in case they have made the personal decision to cancel their activities.

We are a small team and whilst we are fit and well and guidance is that there is no need to cancel events or close, we are mitigating the risks and following the advice of the above bodies so that the John Godber Centre can remain open.

We do encourage the support of our visitors to follow advice previously posted on our media pages and displayed in the Centre. Please help ensure the wellbeing of all by following this advice in respect of your own personal hygiene and care.

We will continue to review our procedures in line with recommendations and advice. In difficult times like these, decisions are never easy and we hold everyone dearly in our thoughts and prayers.