10am, 16th October, Portland Room, John Godber Centre.
Public meeting regarding proposals for 3,000 new homes on Hucknall green belt land.

The John Godber Centre is not a Tardis or soap opera house.

Our inside or capacity sadly can’t increase as and when we’d like it to and our Portland Room space has a maximum capacity (for fire safety), which is significantly less than the current online petition.

Organisers for Saturday’s public meeting are aware of this and have plans in place to manage entry and capacity to ensure the event runs safely.

Please be respectful and kind to all those who have a legal and moral obligation to ensure any event organised or taking place in the building runs safely (the organisers or venue staff). No matter the reason for it or how much we would like to change it, the maximum capacity is the maximum capacity for a reason.

Entrance to the building is through the rear door, car park entrance only.

The front door on Ogle Street is for ground floor building users only and there is no entrance to the meeting room from this entry door.

On this occasion we have felt the need to publicly address the issue of capacity ahead of Saturday’s public meeting, given the emotion behind its calling.